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Re: FT847 inadvertant transmit

Indeed Robin, that is the very kind of information I am trying to
assemble!  Thanks for that.  Since the 847 is so popular I thought I would
file such comments for all to see.

Sorry about missing Atlanta.  All my flights were cancelled from San
Francisco!  The fog won, not the terrorists!  73  Cliff K7RR

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001 VEFRH@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 11/10/2001 5:24:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> cbuttsch@slonet.org writes:
> > Has anyone on the net experienced unwanted transmit on the FT 847
> > transceiver?  The FT 726 and 736 had a very undesired habit of 
> > transmitting for just a few milliseconds when first turned on.  Of course
> > this takes out transverters and converters now popular for 2401 MHz 
> > downlink.
> > The 847 requires an external 12 volt supply.  This bad habit might not 
> > occur when the on/off switch is activated with 12 volts applied but has
> > anyone made hard core measurements?    Cliff K7RR
> > 
> > 
> Hi Cliff and All,
> One thing I have noticed is that when my AEA PK-2232 is connected to my 
> FT-847 and I apply power to the PK-2232 after I have applied power to the 
> FT-847, then the transmitter is ON putting out full power  for about 2 
> seconds. 
> I dont think this is the problem with the 847 as the PTT line gets shorted by 
> the
>  PK-2232 on start up, but it is worth making sure that you power up the 2232 
> before the 847 to avoid that problem.
> 73
> Robin Haighton VE3FRH

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