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Re: M2 Fiberglass Boom preparation

On Sunday 11 November 2001 00:30, RMckni8527@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 11/10/01 10:44:06 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> dave@bedfordweb.com writes:
> > I wouldn't recommend painting it.  Mine has held up well in the sun.
> >
> >  Dave
> >
> >  At 02:32 PM 11/11/2001 +1100, Norm and Cathy Beasley wrote:
> >  >Dear Fellow Satellite Enthusiasts,
> >  >
> >  >I am in the process of setting up a satellite station, based around the
> >  > M2 VHF(22 elements)/UHF (42 elements) line of antennas. I am using the
> >  > M2 Fiberglass boom and will turn the antennas with a Yaesu 5500 az/el
> >  > rotor.
> >  >
> >  >My question pertains to the fiberglass boom. Do I need to paint it, or
> >  > in some other way treat it?
> What makes you come to this conclusion?  I have digested nearly 3 years of
> messages from this -BB, and every thread on this subject so far has
> recommended either taping, painting, sealing or wrapping these booms to
> prevent UV/IR degradation.  Am I missing something, or is a raw fiberglass
> boom more resistant to
> solar rays than other materials?   Anyone have any data from an untreated
> boom?  In the marine industry, fiberglass ALWAYS gets treated or sealed,
> else water intrusion ruins it.

Yup , couldn't agree more Ray , we treat all our fiberglass radome antenna's 
with a black epoxy coating that is RF friendly after having soo many of our 
mountaintop antenna's prematurely "wear out" from weathering and sun baking , 
the fiberglass literally would peel right off , after we started coating them 
with epoxy we have yet to replace any ........

I plan on painting my crossboom with a black epoxy coating , as it will be 
less suceptible to UV then white and the rime ice will melt off quicker on 
those sunny days we have in the middle of winter ....

Of course the original poster won't be worrying about rime ice ;^}

Douglas Cole N7BFS
Amsat # 26182
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