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I really never did understand what DX was on the satellite, but
I claim the shortest ANTI-DX.

For the purposes of testing feeds and antennas I put another "ham shack"
in a corner of my garden in a 3x5x7 Rubbermaid storage shed.  I'm just
getting too old to make forty or so trips up and down a ladder to do feed

And the shed cost more than the entire station.  I got the Primestar dish
free, homebrewed a small tri-pod, use a home brew patch feed, a Cal Amp
converter that feeds a 2M to 10M 18 year old converter,  a 15 year old
home brew (Al Ward design) pre-amp, and an old Radio Shack 10M radio.
The AZ/EL is controlled manually, and I use the sun AZ/EL from IT to initially
adjust the dish,and it works on a cloudy day. The uplink is a 15 year old 
and a 14 element homebrew yagi...Total investment less than $90 excluding
the uplink radio...Satellite radio is expensive??  And it all fits easily
in a standard sedan for transportation to FD, Roundup, or an emergency site,
should ARES ever choose to use satellites in an emergency.  Set-up time is
about 20 minutes.

The home station is a 30" dish, DEM pre-amp and converter,home-brew patch feed
and the radio is an Icom IC-821.

My wife, Leanore, KA6UCD, operated the home station and made contact with me
this afternoon about 2355z on ssb, as I was in the "garden station" that is
a 50' "bee-line" away.  The signal round trip was 72,000 miles, we gave each
other s9's; thereby the claim of the shortest "anti-DX".....

And I do expect a QSL card!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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