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Mail alias glitch

If your callsign starts with KA5 through ZZZ, alphabetically, your 
callsign@amsat.org mail alias was broken for about six hours today (from 
1751 UTC to 2324 UTC Saturday November 10), due to file corruption caused 
by bugs in the new online update system. Anyone sending mail to your mail 
alias during that time would have received a "User unknown" response.

The file corruption has been fixed, so all mail aliases should be working 
again (a few updates made today were lost). The bugs are still there, but 
since the system worked for over 6 weeks before exhibiting the bugs, they 
probably won't manifest again before I have a chance to fix them too.

If you subscribe to active mailing lists (on other systems) using your mail 
alias, your subscription may have been deleted because of the bouncing 
mail, so you might have to resubscribe. I recommend you (re)subscribe to 
mailing lists using your REAL email address, and not your mail alias. That 
way any future problems with the mail alias system won't interfere with 
your mailing list subscriptions. It will also reduce the unnecessary load 
on the amsat.org system.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

73  -Paul

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