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AO40RCV feeding P3T problem


I have been trying to interface AO40RCV output to P3T input, but no success.
Each seem to work fine independently.  When I try to connect from P3T I get
an error message which says:

Windows socket error (100048) on API'bind'

When I have change the socket numbers, the above number in parentheses
changes.  From the instructions in the AO40RCV help file, as well as from
WA4SXM's article, I have found a couple of things I know I don't know.  In
the AO40RCV help file, it mentions that the "AO40Sync box is NOT checked."
I can't find that box.  Also, do I need to do anything with the TCP/IP boot
on the P3T setup page?  It isn't mentioned.




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