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Fodtrack doppler "jitter"?

Has anyone else seen this?  If so, is there a fix?

I've tried using FODTRACK to drive the doppler tracking for AO-40
telemetry receiption, but it keeps changing its mind on what the
correct frequency should be, +/- 0.1 khz, back and forth, every few
seconds.  That changes the frequency of the rig in the middle of
receiving a block, killing a few bits in the process (bad CRC).
I can't use AO40Rcv's mike up/down, since the rig's an ICOM R-7000
scanner (no mike!).  I still use FODTRACK to drive the Az/El rotor,
and to get the initial frequency set on the radio.  Then tweek by
hand.  FODTRACK's been working just fine on the LEO birds, driving
my Yaesu 736R.

I'm using FODTRACK version 2.5, on a Pentium-3 667mhz PC, under
Windows 98SE.


Greg  KO6TH

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