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Bob's Anthrax comment


For what it is worth, I think UV would indeed kill anthrax, however
number 1, the amount of time exposure has not been documented in the public
record. We pass maple sap through UV exposure to kill the bacteria for
longer storage when we make maple syrup.. 15 seconds to 30 seconds does
fine, or at least it reduces the count so tremendously that we are happy.
The next issue with Anthrax is that the spores are on the inside of the
envelope as well as the outside. As a result you must hit it much harder,
thus the shorter Gamma rays are used. They penetrate better, faster. That is
what is being used in Lime OH to clean the east coast mail, or will be used
when the civil servants rebag the questionable mail PROPERLY. You know,
those same Federal employs that are going to do such a wonderful job on the
airport scanners.
I only wish I had about a thousand of those old x-ray machines that were
taken out of service. They put out enough energy to sterilize the whole bag
at once. We all could get rich. HiHi.
Gunther Meisse

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On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, Keith O'Brien wrote:

> If that long awaited for, much desired, satellite QSL card from
> (YA) shows up in your mailbox, do you open the envelope?

The one thing I would like to hear from the media, instead of 24 hours of
pure hype and BS is simple useful info.  Like:

Are anthrax spores killed by UV?  IE, leave a suspicious letter in the
sun for a few days...?  Or heat it to X degrees for Y minutes?

Of course, no one will make such a statement these days, because if anyone
posts any "facts" then some idiot will missinterpret them, use them,
damage themselves or someone else and then there is a lawsuit.... etc...


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