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RE: QSL Cards Via Internet - Thanks to ALL

Ron & all Info providers.
I'll check out the eQSL site. I would think that with all the nice internet
technology, that we could have a secure card transfer. Doesn't seem like
brain surgery. Time will tell!! Some things are slow to change.
Now RON: Interesting about your father. I started at WMAN when I was 14 as a
transmitter and remote engineer. That would have been about 1956. The name
does not ring a bell but we probably were not there at the same time. I now
own two radio stations and the two TV stations here in Mansfield, having
started the first one in 1961. The staff says they will bury me out beside
the tower. HiHi
When you next talk to your father you might tell him that Bill Morrison is
still around and playing the pipe organ at the theater. Bill was the CE at
WMAN when I was there and had been for years.
Gunther Meisse

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Take a look at this url


The big problem is that most organizations won't except electronic QSLs for
awards, like DXCC, VUCC, IOTA.

Different subject:

You mentioned the other day that you were involved or worked in commercial
TV. My father worked in commercial radio from about 1937. Most of his career
was with WJW in Cleveland. You probably are aware that WJW was founded in
Mansfield in 1929, one of the few 3 letter calls still in existence. His
job was in Mansfield working for WMAN. Dad is still alive, just turned 86
has been retired since he turned 62.
Be interested in what you do for a living, I just retired myself so have
plenty of time to fool around with ham radio stuff. AO40 has really
stimulated my desire to experiment with next things. Never messed with
microwave devices before.

Have a good weekend
73, Ron w6zq

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