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Anyone using 2.4 GHz yagi's?

Message text written by Chris Wilkinson

Well, I have to ask... is anyone out there using 2.4GHz yagi's for AO-40
reception? Or even an array of yagi's? Yes, I realize there are CP

        Well, one of my experimental antennas is a homebrew loop yagi. 55
elements on an 8 foot boom. It is detailed in "Mode S: The Book". With a
decent preamp, it works reasonably well, but not as good as, say, a
Transystem dish. But.. it has the advantage of being MUCH smaller in
profile and windload. Also less noticeable. This yagi, paired with a 15
turn L band helix, makes a very small but entirely useable L/S antenna
        While there have been conventional yagis built and used on 2304,
the loop yagi has somewhat wider construction tolerances which make it more
manufacturable (since the OAL of the loops are nearly a full wavelength).
At one time, M2 was either making or going to make a 2401 yagi (it was a
stacked pair, as I remember) but I don't know the status of that.
         Also, yagis (and loop yagis) are narrowband devices and have low
pass filter characteristics, so a 2304 yagi will be dead as a stone on
2401. Down East Microwave markets Directive Systems loop yagis.

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