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PCsat GPS data

Here are three $GPGGA that we copied from PCsat's GPS during a pass on 6
Nov 2001.  Truncated to fit here...


Notice the altitude of about 801,xxx meters and we had 4, seven and 9
satellites in lock respectively.  Compared to NORAD TLE's with an EPOC of
2001 310.2687, the errors in minutes LAT/LONG were:

     LAT  LON
1.  -4.5  1.8
2.  -5.2  1.6
3.  -3.8  1.7

The EPOC of 310.2687 was at about 0126z on the 6th and our fix was at
1351z about 12 hours later... but we were within about 5 miles of the
predicted point (and moving at 5 miles a second)...

This will be fun when we can leave it on longer as we come into more sun
later this month.  But we won't be able to leave it on for whole orbits
until good sun times in January 2002.  Unfortunately, each time we first
turn it on, it sends out a GPGGA from the last known posit, so unless
you see a valid time, ignore it.

de WB4APR, bob

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