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Thank you one and all.
Two Issues:
It is a good bet that my M2 is wired wrong. With the relay engaged I am
LHCP. The print, or at least one of them, is incorrect.
This weekend I will reverse ( after I conclude which lines to reverse.)

The helix issue. I will stick with the rule I concluded 25 years ago: "To
obtain RHCP: go out from the reflector (viewed from behind) in a clockwise
circle and you have RHCP." I think that is the old IEEE standard. I tested
this on my small dish, winding LHCP as a dish feed and it worked great. The
25 turn RHCP helix 1.2hz uplink helix is coming down and going in the
forgotten favorites pile. I will wind a LHCP feed for my 1.2m dish and my
troubles should be over. The only trick is that I must make it over size the
first turn to get around my 2.4Ghz Miller Patch. I will then scale down to
the proper diameter. We'll see. JIM MILLER, why don't you design and build a
Dual Patch. 2.4G down/1.2G up all on the same backplane? It would be
wonderful! I'll buy TWO right now.
Thank everyone
Gunther Meisse

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