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Re: Coax Selection

> Hi David,
> We have a 2-story house, with the shack downstairs.  From the Rig,
> out the side wall, up to the roof, and across to the antennas (mounted
> on a home-built tripod-ish thing) is 60 to 70'.  I use 9913, and hate
> it.  The 9913 replaced a run of RG-214, and did result in a bit
> better signal, but not *wow* better.  And, now the UHF run has
> water inside, resulting in worse performance.  Probably the VHF run
> also, but it's less of a problem there.  Neither end of the 9913, by
> the way, is exposed directly to any water; this is all from having an
> air leak someplace and the moisture condensing out.  I had to drill a
> small hole in the teflon insulation in the end of the N-connector to
> let the water drain.  Yuck.
> I've done some horse-trading, resulting in a spool of 5/8" hardline
> sitting in the garage.  Probably overkill for me, definitely overkill
> for you.  From what I've heard, the LMR cable is your best bet.
> That's where I was headed before I got the hardline.

I have to concur with that .. had to put a consumer-grade patio dish on 
the roof of a building for a TVRO (don't ask -- long story) and looked 
at the numbers for a 70' run of 9913 and a similar run of LMR-400, and 
the LMR-400 is just plain better.  I was using it on L-band for the LNB 
IF, and for an analog C-band downlink it gave me a near broadcast 
quality P5+ signal.  There really isn't anything better in terms of 
dB/100', and we *never* had a water ingress problem on that feedline.  
Hardline would have been nice too, but the LMR-400 was much easier to 
pull than hardline and I didn't need a tank of nitrogen to blow the 
line .. ;-)
           --... ...-- -.. . -. ..... ...- -...
                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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