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Re: Coax Selection - idea !!

I have a different technique: I have a U-shaped PVC fitting
stuck on top of a straight vertical piece of pipe.  But it
is not glued in place. I can pull the U off the pipe and feed
the coax through it while holding it in my hands.  Then I shove
the cable down the straight pipe, and fit the U back in place.


At 03:50 PM 11/8/01 , you wrote:
>The bend at the top of the vent pipe is critical.
>I use a slightly different approach that does not subject the coax to a full
>180 turn
>more like 135 degrees.   I use a 45 degree pipe junction. [works even better
>for buried pipe ! ]
>   |
>  /|
>   |
>You can pull cabling straight up (great for cable pulling).  Carefully bend
>cable down the 45
>degree branch.

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