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Coax Selection

I am going to go pick up some coax this weekend (Or maybe even tomorrow at
lunch) for my sattelite antennas.  The plan is to cut a whole in the roof,
mount a "Vent Pipe" with an angled end (Looks like an upside down J) and run
the coax through this, and run the coax the 5 feet across my attic and down
through the wall into the shack.  (I have a 1 story home.)  The total
distance from the antenna mount to my rig, is about 30 feet.  I figure on
adding an additional 20 feet to compensate for errors in calculations and
for rotation.

This means that my total run will be around 50 feet.

I want to know, on a run this short, what are my best cost/performance
options?  Will 9913 work well?  Or Just Well Enough?  Would I be wasting my
money going to something like LMR400?  Would I gain anything worth noting by
going to LMR 600?

Am I overlooking any other obvious choices?

These coax runs are to feed the UHF and VHF Sattelite antennas btw.


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