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RE:TVRO Polar mounts for AO-40

Hello Bob 
I have been using this for my 10' dish since may. It
works very Good! I have added a second
actuator so that I can adjust the EL/Trim. Once the
comes up I find it Peak it and then just follow it
using the West control on my TVRO dish controller.
I dont know why more are not using this. 
Then also when AO40 is not in view or I want to use
the dish for TVRO I just readjust it down 5degs.

73 de AL (WC9C) EM69 Pimento,IN

>Anyway, just slap any old (non converted or tweeaked)
>MDS downconverter
>about 5 degrees below your edxisting TVRO feed and
?>bingo, armchair
>AO-40...  No changes to the mount or drive system

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