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W6IHG Radio Tuner user reports?

Today I looked at Jerry Pixton's W6IHG Radio Tuner (for NOVA) web site for
the first time.  The graphical interface is extremely slick, simultaneously
displaying the RX and TX "radio" frequencies, "antenna" frequencies (after
converters), and "satellite" frequencies (corrected for Doppler).  It has
mouse-driven tuning sliders for tweaking the TX offset and for tuning across
the transponder.

Jerry Pixton announced the W6IHG Radio Tuner (for NOVA and FT-847) back in
early August.  Looking through the amsat-bb archives, I can't find any user
reports about this software.  So I'm asking W6IHG Radio Tuners to speak up.

Is it reliable?
Does it make it much easier to tweak the TX offset? (when your downconverter
L.O. frequency drifts)
Does it allow you to tune via the radio's VFO knobs, or are you forced to
tune via computer control only?
Overall what do you like or dislike about it?

For those not familiar with W6IHG Radio Tuner, it is a Windows program that
works with the NOVA (satellite tracking program) to provide automatic
Doppler tuning for the FT-847 via a serial port.  For more information, go

Wayne Estes  W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA 
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