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Re: InstantTrack in a Window with Windows ME

At 02:43 PM 11/7/2001 -0600, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>Last night I installed InstantTrack and InstantTune on a new computer that
>uses Windows ME.  The map display works fine in full-screen mode.  But the
>display freezes when I press Alt-Enter to put InstantTrack in a Window.  Of
>course the text-only display works fine in a Window.
>With my old Windows 95 computer, the InstantTrack map display works fine in
>a window.
>Is my problem something inherent with Windows ME compared to Windows 95?

I don't think so. Instead, this is a consequence of your video hardware and 
driver software. I bet your old computer's display was old-fashioned 
800x600 SVGA, and your new computer is some fancier higher-resolution mode. 
Better video drivers for 800x600 modes are able to virtualize an EGA or VGA 
display in a window, but later video drivers and most (or all, as far as I 
know) drivers for higher-res modes have unfortunately abandoned that 

>Is there anything I can do to make the InstantTrack map screen work in a
>window using Windows ME?

You *might* be able to do so by falling back to an 800x600 desktop, though 
that might be too great a sacrifice.

Disclaimer: I haven't done much testing with Windows ME. Lucky for me.

73  -Paul

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