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Re: InstantTrack in a Window with Windows ME

At 12:43 PM 11/7/2001, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>The map display works fine in full-screen mode.  But the
>display freezes when I press Alt-Enter to put InstantTrack in a Window.  Of
>course the text-only display works fine in a Window.
>With my old Windows 95 computer, the InstantTrack map display works fine in
>a window.
>Is my problem something inherent with Windows ME compared to Windows 95?

I've never tried WinME.  (I've used 3.1, '95, '98, NT & 2000pro, but never 
ME).  However, I can tell you that operation of the IT graphics screen in a 
window depends mostly on the Windows VIDEO DRIVER.  This driver is 
different for every video card.  I've seen computers where it wouldn't run 
when windowed (but would run fine full screen) and others where it would 
run fine in a window.

I suspect that you bought a new computer, and the new computer has a 
different video card, and therefore a different video card driver, and this 
is what gives you the different experience.  I suggest updating your video 
driver to the latest (from vendor's web page) for best chance.

I have good operation here on machines with Matrox & Intel video, and on 
IBM Thinkpads.  Can't offer an opinion for others.

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