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K7XQ AO-40 Activity Report

Hello All,
       Just got station working here on AO-40 using a Cal-Amp Downconverter with a 123 MHz IF. Works well with the FT-847 down there . The great thing about
it( the 123 MHz IF )is the FT-847 will not allow you to transmit into downconverter accidentally because it is  out of band. Thought it might be nice to share what I have worked to let others know what is out there especially to those who are thinking about getting on and stations are almost never reported on the DX packet clusters.

Worked the following stations this week on extreme western passes only: JA5CU/1, JA6QT, JR1ASH, JA1UKI, BV2SR, JA8AXQ, moderate SSTV activity as well

K7XQ CM97qi Jeff
AO-40 2401 MHz 2 Meter Dish downlink, 2 X 9 WL 435 MHz uplink

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