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SSB / Parabolics

Trying to do a decent "subjective" comparison here between systems.

Parabolics and Phillips SPG-36 with az/el, KCT and QT 5.0 (my standard of
comparison) compared to a 1.2M Channel Master solid dish with offset fed
Cush Craft 2.4 ghz  SQ2303P squint antenna (eBay) with az /el.

Parabolics: 2.4ghz to 145 mhz.to 50 ft RG8,  to a FT-736R.   SSB: 2.4ghz to
433 mhz, to 50 ft RG8 with 29 mhz Hamtronics converter in the shack, to an
Omni VI Plus, auxiliary receive antenna input. (Fail safe?)

Both giving about the same readable signal in the shack, but no comparison
when using cw filters and Noise Reduction and Low Pass filters on the Omni
VI Plus.  CW signals just "jump" out to you on the Omni VI.

But all in all, signals are comparable.

I don't think it's fair to compare noise levels because of the difference
between 145 mhz and 433 mhz.  I am playing with different antennas for the
1.2M dish at this time.

I want to try a patch antenna with the 10ft dish and the 1.2M dish, but
don't have one yet.  Az/el almost done on the 10 ft dish.

Transmitting antennas down at this time for receive testing.



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