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Re: AO10 very strong !!!

John & William,
Ditto here last night.  At 20,000 km, the satellite was very loud.  This is the best I have heard it since December of 1999.  QSB was deep, but I could hear KC7QFS all the way through the fade.  If the Western European ops would like to stay up late (or get out of bed for an hour) and have a "party,"  there will be a really great opportunity from 0130 to 0230 utc tonight (08-11-01) as the satellite approaches perigee, will be under 15,000 km, and has all of NA and most of Western Europe in the window.

If you have not worked AO-10 before, listen for the beacon around 145.810 (unmodulated carrier), then listen for SSB QSO's from 145.895 - 145.920 and CW from 145.880 to 145.895.  Uplink is on 70 cm (at zero Doppler, I find 435.104 MHz = 145.900 MHz, or "thereabouts").  If prior "good" periods are any guide, very modest antennas and power levels will be required to work stations during this perigee period.

73 es GL,
Jerry, K5OE
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