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Re: Tips for those brave souls going to Windows XP


I'm interested to know whether you upgraded on top of your original OS or
did you do a clean install?

I did a clean install (i.e. fdisk, format, install).  So far, I haven't seen
*any* issues with NOVA.  The only dialog boxes I've seen greyed out are
those that were already greyed out like the rotor interface using FODTrack.
BTW, I've only messed with it to see if it works and, so far, FODtrack
*appears* to work using the *NOVA* drivers, but does *not* work with the DOS
program.  I will tell you that I have not tried the FODtrack DOS interface
using compatibility mode with XP.  Also, I just noticed a "tilde" character
after the duration time of AO-40 for the next pass.  That could have been
there before and don't know how XP could have put that there.  I suspect it
was there before...

I have not yet installed WiSP, so I cannot comment there...

I'm glad WiSPDDE works as I use it to track the FM birds...

In my experience (I'm sure there are others out there with loads more
experience than I), I've discovered that it is best to install any upgrade
OS's as clean installs.  Yes, XP asked for my qualifying product which
is/was 98SE.  All I had to do was place it in a CD drive and all was well.
I've discovered that an OS *upgrade* appears to *compete* with left over
files.  This may not be an accurate term, but it's the best I could come up
with to describe my observations.

My next upgrade is a new video card.  I'm using an old Banshee chipset card
and I am going to get either the GeForce2 MX400 or a Kyro II chipset.  It
all depends on which is less expensive at the time of my purchase...


Joel B. Black

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> I've learned a couple of things that will make your life easier when
> migrating to WinXP.
> a) right click the wisp icon and change the compat setting
> of "disable visual themes" to checked
> b) Nova has some setup dialogs that don't size right.  That's being
> fixed currently so watch for that to be updated shortly.
> c) This next one is not verified, but I've experience some strange
> problems with Nova under XP.  My current environment has 32bit color
> turned off and I'm running in 16bit.  All seems to be normal at the
> moment.
> d) WispDDE and Wisp seem to work just fine so nothing not worthy
> there.
> e) dl32 for the EVM (make sure it's the 32bit version) works just
> fine with wisp and normal run in a command window
> f) UI-View32 for those aprs/aprspsk31 nuts, seems to work just great
> as does AGWPE (with some exceptions).  So Tracking PCSAT and
> collecting aprs is ok.
> Guess that's about the extent of my exploration so far.... More as
> something becomes noteworthy.
> For the most part, the upgrade was painless and I didn't seem to
> experience really any significant problems.  So far the reliability
> is very good and the compatiblity was better than I expected.
> One note for those of you running parallel device controllers, you
> may be out of luck on XP.  It like NT and win2K doen't like you
> talking directly to the hardware and fodtrack and some of the other
> dos based applications do just that.  So be prepared for some
> troubles.
> Alan
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