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Re: Good Signals on RS12/13

> While tuning around on 10 meters on 11/5 at 1:15 UTC, I noticed the
> for RS12/13 was strong with some QSO's and stations calling CQ.  I later
> realized the stations were on FO-29 but being retransmitted by the RS sat
> since the orbits overlapped on the east coast.  Good to hear the old RS
> satellite was still going strong.
> AJ
> W4NM


After a period of several years of inactivity I'm building up my station
I have been listening into RS12/13 on a regular base lately and even managed
to make a few QSO's (I'm in south of the Netherlands, Europe).
Actually I made my my first satellite QSO ever on RS12/13!
I think it is a very easy bird to start with. At the moment I'm using a
wire for 10m downlink and a discone antenna for 2 m uplink. Sometimes I
switch to my 6 element yagi to get better results on low passes.
Transceiver is a FT847 with 50 W on 2m uplink.

Tonight I will install a homebuild half lambda wire dipole for 10m (in the
to (hopefully) get better results on the downlink. Next project is a
Eggbeater II
for 2 m uplink (see the Jerry K5OE website for details:
A 70cm version will follow to allow FO29/UO14 operations.

My experience is that the FO29 and UO14 birds are used very often over
RS12/13 is rather quiet, but there are some stations to be worked there.

Best regards,

Andre, PE1OIG

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