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Re: AO-10 very strong !!!

William - PE1RAH said:
> In the weekend I worked via AO10 with very good downlink signals.
> AO10 is back again with it's good signals.
> Unfortunatly there were only an few amateurs qrv, I think the most
> are busy with theire AO40 .-)

I noticed the same thing.  Not only was the satellite transmit signal very
strong, but the receiver seemed to be hearing very well.  Normally I can
hear the bird (during the high point of it's cyclic fades) out to at least
30,000 Km, but can't get enough signal into it to be usable beyond about
half that.  I held a couple conversations over the weekend, and was a good
strong signal through the bird at 30,000 Km.  I have not heard it working
this well in quite a while.  The QSB rate was about 30 seconds per cycle,
so although it did not give a lot of time to talk each cycle, you only had
to wait 10 seconds or so for it to come back.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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Southern California Edison Co.
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