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Re: Japan's 2m QRM

Hello This is Yoshi.

At 2001/11/05 11:39:15 Bob Bruninga wrote:
>   Sure, but its was in past, and now it is only in urban areas. For
> a few years, the QRM is not heavy in my QTH Fukuoka. Probably, I think
> that the under-covered operators using ham-band stopped QRV by the
> spread of cheap cellular phones in Japan.

  Hi. It is me.

> Anyway, this was an interesting nugget of information that I thought I
> would share with other AMSAT builders who may not be aware that the "world
> is changing...."

  Yes. The worls is changing also here :-).

  In the past days at 1986-1994, 2m ham band was much crouded with
illegal operators who are using ham rigs for their commercial purpose.
They did not allow any legal requirements and rules so sat-subband was
occupied by them everyday-everytime. It was not only 2m but 70cm. 
  I tnink that the most drivers of long-dostance transporter are using
CB radio in U.S. But in Japan, legal CB radio is limited just 8ch, 500mW
hady-talky style. Also the commercial VHF/UHF radios was much expensive
to use. That is why the most of people started to using cheap ham-gears
for their easy-communication tools.

  But in 1995 and later, the cellular-phone system started to spread in
Japan and became cheap. In the case of 2m FM, people cannot talk each
other behind the hills or mountains, but celluar-phone can do. The hard
competitions between cellilar-phone companies brought us the drop of cost
and price of phome system. Now we can purchase some newest models without
any purchase/activation fee, and will not pay so much fee for talk like
as before.
  And, also the growing of internet, most of young peoples and students
had moved into the internet world, and will not enter the worls of our
hobby "ham"  ...:-(

  So, Now, There is a very few illegal operators on 2m FM, and "very
few" young new-comer on 2m FM in Fukuoka area... Sometimes I can scan my
2m receiver without any squelch-open stop.  :-<  It is unbelievable thing
at the days before. I have no difficulty to hear the UO-14/AO-27
  Of course, there is still many illegal trackers or taxi drivers in
urban areas likes Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Osaka or Kobe. We JA sat-ops
usually infruenced from them when we QRV on FM birds. Also in the areas
of east-asia, still so much fisherboat or people on the land using
wireless phone on 2m/70cm. Still we have to be patient with uplink-QRM.
If you understand Tagalog, you will know what is the trend of a (maybe
young) Philipino ladies who are talking on phone each other through the

  So still we need a good uplink antenna and power for FM birds. I usually
QRV on UO-14/AO-27 with 6ele YAGI and 50W. But, I never successed digi
with "NOCALL" ISS TNC.... Still not enough power for it.

  In the case of PCsat, the 2m beacon telemetry is only on the downlink.
If we JA hams are living in the carm areas like my QTH Fukuoka, there is
no QRM on 145.825MHz. That is why the JL1STM satgate can feed a good
telemetry datas from Japan I think.
  But, maybe the 5W uplink of 145.825MHz with TH-D7 and rubber-duck antenna
will not work well at areas of eastern-Asia, due to the QRM on uplink.
If you have plan to visit our areas with D7, (first you have to complete
the legal requirement hi), you should use 70cm for uplink.

  Anyway, I am now prepareing the satgate station for PCsat. If the
JL1STM satgate are watching on 145.825, I will watch 144.390 Hi.

  73 de Yoshi.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP

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