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Signal line from downconverter...

All those who have various MDS/MMDS downconverters: What type of signal-
line/connectors did you use to make the run from the downconverter your
preamp or the downconverter to your shack?

Months ago there was a firey discussion on this list about what was the best
method (that with the least noise and least loss profile) to pull the signal
from the downconverter to the next step in your receive stage. Many
downconverters, of course, have the type-F output connector on them and it
was theorized they were balanced for 75-ohm output. I'm curious about what
people decided on their own and what, infact, worked for those who are
receiving successfully. 

Input and pictures are appreciated. 
Thanks and 73's
Chris // N8DVM

Chris Wilkinson
Support Systems Specialist
McDonald Observatory

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