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Japan's 2m QRM

I had always heard that mode J evolved because the more efficient mode B
2m downlinks were useless in Japan because of heavy QRM on the 2m band.
But, on seeing good PCsat downlink feeds from an Igate in the center of
Tokyo, I asked why/how? and got this response...

At 2001/11/05 01:22:33 Bob Bruninga wrote:
> I now see we are getting a good PCsat downlink feed into the APRSsystem
> from a JL1STM Satgate in Tokyo.  This is good news.  Especially since we
> have always been told that the 2m band in Japan has very high QRM...?

Hello This is Yoshi.
  Sure, but its was in past, and now it is only in urban areas. For
a few years, the QRM is not heavy in my QTH Fukuoka. Probably, I think
that the under-covered operators using ham-band stopped QRV by the
spread of cheap cellular phones in Japan.

Anyway, this was an interesting nugget of information that I thought I
would share with other AMSAT builders who may not be aware that the "world
is changing...."


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