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FT736r recieve gain variations?

  I've noticed that the recieve gain on my ft73r appears
to take a severe nose-dive between 145 and 146 mhz
(with the lowest reading right around 145.350 in the
range of the ao-40 beacon... :^(

  I had originally noticed this effect with my drake 
converter, which was 250khz off in frequency, and
attributed it to the drake,   but now my newly modified
trans-system (which is on frequency) does a similar
thing.  The "dead spot" occurs at the same 2 meter
frequency, which would seem to rule out the converter,
or a null in the antenna gain etc.


  With the antenna pointed at the daytime sky with
the transystem in line (and a 24dbi bbq dish),  here
are the no-signal white-noise s-meter readings I see 
as I  tune across the band on the ft736r.

  144 mhz -- S9
  144.5   -- s9
  145     -- s6.5
  145.350 -- s0  (the noise gets louder at 145.400 mhz.)
  145.5   -- s2
  146     -- s6.5
  145.6   -- s7
  147.0   -- s7.5
  147.5   -- s8
  147.999 -- s8

  Can somebody with an FT736r do a similar experiment and 
let me know if they see the same type of 'dead spot'?
(Prior to today, I've never tried to listen in that particular
part of the band, so I don't know if this is normal for
the rig or not...)



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