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With the telemetry showing ALON/ALAT of 0/2 for orbit 454 and moving to
10/0, and with the current orbit being 463, I found the 0/2 ALON/ALAT to be
way off in terms of how the bird was working last night. I was seeing much
more "real" squint than the posted attitude would indicate. Of course we
know that the ALON changes significantly each orbit, some fractional degree
(near half a degree, as I recall).

Based on that vague memory, I changed the ALON/ALAT to 5/0 from what was on
the N block of the telemetry, and the performance of the bird then lined up
MUCH better than the older alon/alat.

If anyone recalls the ALON adjustment factor in degrees per orbit, please
refresh me. Also, if anyone has a better approximation of the attitude of
AO-40 than my crude 5/0, please let me know. Looks like I have a nice window
to the bird late this afternoon. 73

hasan schiers, N0AN

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