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RE: Operating proceedures for "The Dish"

>From: Tony Langdon <tlangdon@atctraining.com.au>
>Hehe, now that's the sort of antenna I want to drive! :-)
>Might be a bit overkill for AO-40 though. :-)
>Anyway, very interesting.  Pity I didn't know about this beforehand.  Got a
>4 day weekend, and it would have been nice to make the 8 or 9 hour trip up
>to have a look at the facility (the Parkes telescope is one of the things I
>have always wanted to see since I was a kid).
>Tony Langdon
>Systems Development and Support
>ATC Training Australasia.  Level 1 310 King St Melbourne 3000.
>Phone:  1300 13 1983   WWW:  http://www.atctraining.com.au
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>> From: Murray Peterson VK2KGM [mailto:vk2kgm@ihug.com.au]
>> Sent: Friday, 2 November 2001 12:26
>> Subject: [amsat-bb] Operating proceedures for "The Dish"
>> For those who are wondering what it is like to operate one of 
>> the World's
>> largest steerable antennas (64 metres diameter) you can have 
>> a look at the
>> online operating instructions at 
>> http://www.parkes.atnf.csiro.au/  under
>> "Observer Information". This is the Parkes Radio Telescope 
>> (about a five
>> hour drive west of Sydney, NSW, Australia) which is in the 
>> movie "The Dish".
>> It has just turned 40 years old. There is a public open day 
>> this weekend
>> which includes a free screening of the movie in the paddock beside the
>> telescope.
>> Regards,
>> Murray Peterson

Tony and Murray,

If I ever get over there it's on my list.  On my trip this fall to MW
Update, I revisited my old stomping grounds (work place) in the Mojave
desert.  Goldstone has changed quite a bit from those days.  I was the
first visitor since the terrorist attack, so I felt fortunate to get the
tour...I had the visitor guide all to myself.  It was especially nice in
that she had worked there since 1978 (I left JPL in 1979).  She had been
one of the operators in the program that I helped start in 1974.  They now
have lots of big dishes.  The 64m has grown to 70m.  It was quite
nostalgic.  In some ways I felt like the old station director in the movie
"the Dish".


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