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Re: powering preamp and d/c

>    I have been wondering, for those of you using a preamp ahead of
>    your downconverter...   How do you go about powering all that stuff?
>//   73 de KI0KN
>    -James   ki0kn@amsat.org

I've had several folks ask me about this since I posted the pictures of my 
dish setup.

I use this--an old cable TV splitter gutted and tricked out with an 
inductor.  I just tap out the +12V and run a single wire out to the DEM 
preamp feed-through cap:

If you look closely, you can see it here, zip-tied to the right support leg:

and here you can see the wire carrying 12V going around the patch feed on 
its way to the preamp:

You can see the wire in other images once you know what to look for...

I am still pondering feeding 12V from the input of the downconverter.  It 
just worries me that someday I'll forget and hook it up to a DC grounded 
antenna and fry something by connection 12V straight to ground :)


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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