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IC-910H Opinions?

A friend on our local repeaters asked me what I thought of the IC-910H (or a
model sounding like that, whose price had just been reduced from 1500 to
1100 dollars).

I have seen some good comments on the radio....I would appreciate info from
anyone about this radio, so I can give him some additional feedback?

I've only used the FT-726R, 736R and 847 by Yaesu, so I can't give him much
valuable feedback about the 910 or 910H, whichever is the one that just
dropped its price by about 400 dollars.

Any caveats with this radio? I don't think he'll be doing all that much
satellite work, but he is a weak signal dx'er on vhf/uhf.

hasan schiers, N0AN

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