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AO-40 schedule

Sorry that my last post of the schedule did not show up well.  I must
have done something wrong capturing the data from AO-40 and copying it
to the message. So, another form of the schedule might go like this.

The Main Beacon (MB) is OFF from MA 070 thru MA 086.  It is on through
the rest of the orbit.
Rudak is ON from MA 070 thru 087 unless an extended testing period is
The Transponder is ON for contacts with the U and L1 Uplinks active
from MA 030 thru MA 070 and MA 087 thru MA 220.
The K band downlink is on from MA 118 thru MA 138.

InstantTrack ver 1.51 is the program I use for tracking.  So, with the
above data I am able to enter a schedule line that uses the letter O =
Off,  B= beacon only,  R = Rudak,  U = U and L uplink, and K = K band
The line looks like this: 250B030U070R086B087U118K138U220O

Other tracking programs probably have the same kind of schedule input
that will assist you in determining the mode AO-40 is in for a
particular time.

Also, telemetry decoding is easily done with a sound card program like
AO40Rcv (Free software).  This is a great way to know about the
schedule and health of the satellite as well as the current MA number.

73 and enjoy this great bird,
AMSAT 17060

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