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New To Digital Questions

I Have been working voice satellites for about 6 months and have been 
having a lot of fun with a simple setup using eggbeaters on 2m and 
70cm and a 30Mhz-1.2Gig log periodic tilted up on top of my HF 
antenna. This weekend I acquired a 9612+ TNC and would like to try if 
nothing else receiving digital satellites. I looked on the amsat site 
and purchased the ARRL Satellite Handbook but to be honest I haven't 
found a lot of information about starting off with digital birds. I 
understand that to really get into digital satellites more gear is 
necessary and I'm not unwilling to spend the money but I was hoping 
to use my existing equipment to try it out before I took the plunge 
for Al Az antennas, downconverters, preamps and the like.

If anyone could direct me to some sites or publications that would 
help me get started with receiving and decoding ham or other 
satellites with information such as how to set up the TNC (command 
mode and terminal software) or what software works for which bird, as 
well as what birds the 9612+ and or sound card is capable of 
receiving. I would very much appreciate it. I have available as well 
as the above mentioned antennas a TS-2000 and a computer with 
tracking software and a sound card.

Thanks es 73

Richard / N1VXW

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