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Re: 23/13cm dual helix feeds - response


          Gunther, thank you for your note and photography (good quality, I 
think so). I`m looking for good dualband feed which  I`ll try with 2.4m 
dish. I have second one 1.8m dish but I using it for TV. Your construction 
is very interesting and I`ll try to test it beacause itsnt hardly to built. 
           I`m afraid then 3dB to 6dB drop level (with Helix feed) arent to 
accept for EME test. I`ll try to work on EME with my 2,4m dish on 23cm and 
13cm also. In my home area I have place only for one dish, then  the best 
 way is use one dish with dualband feed.
          However I`ll try to built your construction Helix feed and test 
it to AO40 operation. I`m afraid drop in levels, for example 6dB lost with 
Helix at 2,4m is like  using 1,2m dish.

Best regards

Rafal SP9VFD


>From: "Gunther Meisse" <gjmouse@neo.rr.com>

>I have just completed building a dual 23/13cm Helix feed for a 60cm >dish. 
>I will use same as a portable rig. So far I have tested the >13cm downlink 
>portion with very good results. I am comparing it with >my 1.2m dish. As
>expected I see about 3db drop in levels.


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