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Re: Mode U/S passband frequency alignment


"MediaOne" <Leescott@mediaone.net> writes:
> I was on AO-40 for the first time last night (Monday 10/29/01) around 7:30
> PM (2330 UTC ?) using Mode U/S. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to find
> my down link frequency. Once I did I noticed I was off about 15KHz from
> where I expected to be based on my up-link frequency and Doppler, which
> should have been less than 1 KHz at the time per WinOrbit.
> The question I have is what is a known good, and accurate, down-link
> frequency for a given up-link frequency with no Doppler shift? I understand

At that time the downlink was right on 2401.323 with almost no Doppler.  I can't speak for the calibration of the UEK-3000, but the data you did NOT provide would be relevant for most of the converted MMDS downconverters:  1) what was the outside temperature and 2) how long had your d/c been turned on?  Since the time was 7:30 PM local, I'll assume the sun was not shining on it either :-)
Jerry, K5OE

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