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powering preamp and d/c

   I have been wondering, for those of you using a preamp ahead of
   your downconverter...   How do you go about powering all that stuff?
   Right now I am using a CAL-AMP downconverter barefoot but just finished
   etching the boards for WB5LUA preamp (found in an old QST, 96 I believe)
   and am wondering how I should go about powering it.  I am running
   DC up the coax to the downconverter, but that's 20+ volts.  Should
   I tap the DC off the coax (through a filter of course) before the D/C
   and run it through a regulator, then feed the pre-amp through an outside
   connection?  Or modify the D/C to pass voltage out the RF IN?
   What is everyone else doing?

   BTW- Amazing what low squint does at this freq versus distance from you....
   Last night about 52,0000km out and 3 degree squint AO40 was S7 with
   a DSS dish and D/C, no preamp!!

   73 de KI0KN
   -James   ki0kn@amsat.org
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