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Re: Kenwood TM-D700A

on 10/29/01 8:01 PM, jrocky at jrocky@mediaone.net wrote:

> Still trying to figure out  the APRS program was posted on this BB, looked at
> the archives and all I could find reference to was some DOS program?

The original APRS program was and still is a DOS program.  Mr. PacSat, Bob
Bruninga would be more than happy to tell you about it.  Windows versions of
APRS can be downloaded from either TAPR, or aprs.rutgers.edu.

Now regarding your question on the "TNC" mode for the D-700A, it's pretty
simple.  You push the TNC button once to turn on the unit in APRS mode.  You
push it again and it goes into standard TNC mode for interfacing with a
computer.  However, in the standard TNC mode, you won't get any of the on
screen displays.

I know that there were a couple of guys that have messed around and written
some software that can go in and do stuff with the D700 while in the APRS
mode.  It requires commands that are specific to the Kenwood radio and not
normal TNC commands.  I know they had some good success and I think it was a
guys with a zero in his call who wrote it.

You may wish to go to the HT-APRS mail reflector on TAPR.org and ask the
questions you have asked here.  You'll get tons of help there.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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