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Re: Re^2: New Zealand 'walkers' on PCsat

On Sun, 28 Oct 2001, Alan Leech wrote:

> On Sat, 27 Oct 2001 11:38:20 -0400 (EDT), Bob Bruninga wrote:
> > Then just tell them to put the D7 on 145.825  with a path of VIA
> > W3ADO-1 and bingo, you can still track them...  Actually, if they are
> > using RELAY or WIDE already, then PCsat will respond to those as well, but
> 07:30 (local) and the first pass of the day for PCSat is mid afternoon.
> The walkers start their day at about 07:30 - 08:00 and are vusually
> finished for the day by about 15:00. Coupled to this, Tony ZL6RTB (G3RKL)
> is not an experienced satellite user and, to my knowlege, has never
> actually tried transmitting into any sort of spacecraft....
> as far as I know, they dont have any software to predict pass times...

Thanks.  But as long as they are not limited in battery power (they may
be), then they dont have to have any experience in satelites, dont have to
have any tracking ability, and dont have to change anything.  If they have
been using the D7 on your terrestrial APRS frequency and have been using
the path of RELAY,xxxxx or WIDE,xxxxxx then they do not have to do anyting
other than turn the knob from your terrestrial APRS freuqncy over to
145.825 and that is all..

Then just leave it running,  PCsat will hear them... sooner or later.
ALso, the TRANSMIT power is nothing.  Only 1 packet every 2 minutes is
only 10% of the power used just keeping the radio on.

Im not pushing, just making sure you realize that PCsat is unlike ISS in
two important respects:

1) It has Digi Aliases of RELAY and  WIDE (in addition to W3ADO-1)
2) There are no other satelite uplinks on that freuqnncy, so you can
   uplink all the time without complaint (I do not publish this fact,
   because it is still not a good idea for routine thousands of people
   to be doing it, but fir the "travelres" it is a definate possibility.

ALSO, someone has pointed out that PCsat comes up exactly 30 minutes
earlier every day...  ALthough over a period of a week or so you need to
ratchet forward by 100 minutes in order to stay with the Best pass of the

Actually there are always two best passes of the day.  SO pick them and
then simply rememeber those two rules...

Hope that helps

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