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Re: Re: New Zealand 'walkers' on PCsat

On Sat, 27 Oct 2001, Alan Leech wrote:

> Several ZL operators are monitoring their progress with UI-View and some
> are digiing the beacons onto local packet and APRS frequencies. I,
> myself, am digiing their positions through PCSat and the ISS, as APRS
> objects.
> Unfortunately, the chain of repeaters ran out at Dunedin and the troops
> are now to far away from the last one for any more direct beacons.

Then just tell them to put the D7 on 145.825  with a path of VIA
W3ADO-1 and bingo, you can still track them...  Actually, if they are
using RELAY or WIDE already, then PCsat will respond to those as well, but
only if it is not in a SAFE condition.  The call W3ADO-1 works all the
time.   And PCsat can hear a D7 just fine...

If anyone else has any other special tracking evolutions, this is exactly
what PCsat was deisgned for.  Contact us for additional details including
other special functions just for these sepcial events.

de WB4APR, Bob

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