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Re: New Zealand 'walkers' on PCsat

 > Hello all,
 > Does anyone have details regarding the party of walkers (joggers) who have
 > been trekking the entire length of New Zealand over the past week or two?
 > Their APRS position beacons have been coming up daily on PCsat. I think the
 > walk must be finished as they were close to target on Thursday and nothing
 > came up yesterday.
 > 73, Bill...vk3jt
 > Milawa, Australia

The "Walkers" refered to are a group of retired folk, walking the length
of New Zealand. They set out from the top of the North Island, Cape Reinga,
on August 11 and are targetted to reach the bottom of the South Island,
Bluff, some 1200 miles later on November 1st. The projected number of
days on the road are 72 actual walking days, about 30km each, with 8 rest
days along the way.

The purpose of the trek, is to prove that "You aren't over the hill when
you're over 65". There are 11 people in the group, oldest 74, youngest
about 50.  So far, all but two have walked the entire way, those not
walking are the escort van driver and one other forced to retire from
walking due to medical reasons.

One member of the party, G3RKL Tony, has travelled to New Zealand
from Sheffield in England to take part and has taken out a special
license and callsign of ZL6RTB, for Reinga To Bluff. Tony is using a
Kenwood TH-D7 handheld radio, coupled to a GPS receiver and is
transmitting APRS beacons every 10 minutes, at the end of an over,
through the ZL 70cm National System of linked repeaters.

Several ZL operators are monitoring their progress with UI-View and some
are digiing the beacons onto local packet and APRS frequencies. I,
myself, am digiing their positions through PCSat and the ISS, as APRS

Unfortunately, the chain of repeaters ran out at Dunedin and the troops
are now to far away from the last one for any more direct beacons.

        Alan. (ZL2VAL)

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