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CP Patch & Wisp DDE

Hi Gang.

I've had a look around on the many different websites that have info on the
patch antenna, but I am still confused over how do you get CP out of it?
I've read reference to feed placement to get CP, does this mean the patch is
feed at two points with some sort of delay line or is there a "sweet spot"
somewhere?  I've also seen photos where the patch has had two corners lopped
off, maybe this it the trick?

Also I saw a post for an update of wisp-dde (3.08??) to work with SatPC32.
The only version I can find on CX6DD's website is V3.0,  where can I find
this new version.  I am running V3.0.37 Beta at the moment with a FOD track


--VK2DAG-- QF56pn
Matt Hetherington
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