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RE: Variable RF (output)

Hello Bill

> Another question: Is there a similar modification like the 847 receive mod
> just mentioned documented for the FT-290? After all the work I spent on
> DEM downconverter, I would hate to smoke it by not powering up in the

I just pull out the microphone. The problem with this and some other methods
is that if you use your radios for other mode J and mode A satellites, or
for 'normal' FM/SSB use, it's too easy to forget.

So you might be interested in this


There's a similar even easier mod for the MK-1 FT-290 but I can't seem to
find it right now.

Alternatively from memory you could simply hook right onto the RX side of
the TR c/o relay - or disable the c/o relay entirely.

73 Howard G6LVB

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