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Re: Tiny-2 Eprom!!!!!

There is no BIN file for the Paccomm version 5.0 firmware 
on their website, because it is not freeware. The firmware 
is copyrighted and it is against copyright laws to copy this 
firmware. Anyone who copies the firmware is violating 
copyright laws.

Small companies have a difficult time staying in business 
when their customers steal their products. Copying firmware 
is the same as stealing it, unless the company is paid for the 

Paccomm's contact information is on their website.

www.paccomm.com follow the link how to contact Paccomm

> Ax.25 Level 2  Version 2.0
> Features:
>      KISS
>      Expanded NMEA 183 (GPS) SUPPORT
> Release   December 21, 1994
> I asked if there was any new release available.
> A lot of peoplese has answered me to have a look on the
> Paccom site but i could'nt find the bin file to burn the eprom,but
> i remeber there was a guy which says that he can send the bin
> file so i can burn the eprom by myself.Unfortunatly i lost his
> email and with it even his call.Now i ask again is there any1
> who has the bin file which can he send it to me?
> Sure in your help,i send my best regards.
> 73's de Enzo IK8OZV

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