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Re: PSK31 & SSTV AO-40

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001 09:09:51 -0400 Al Lawler <al.lawler@oracle.com>
writes:Nobody will even know you're there if you're below the beacon...

 This is why I was working 70k above the beacon. Anyway, I see reports
here from at least 2 people a week that are new to AO-40, and are hearing
the downlink , but not load enough to make a QSO. Setting up for PSK31 on
the bird is relatively easy. I made a homebrew cable from Radio Shack
parts, from my laptop to an 847. I run WinPSKse which has a duplex
satellite mode, (I find that it works both ways). If more people worked
the PSK area , or QSY'd there to help someone make a contact, that would
help alot of people out.
 Anyone need any elmering on running PSK31 on AO-40 let me know via
private e-mail. I will check 70k below the beacon periodically when I'm
working the bird. If someone is having a problem making a QSO, set up a
Sked with me to operate PSK31, or whatever digital mode.
 Once again does anyone disagree, or find something wrong with this use
of the bird's passband? 

73 Jeff kb2m   
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