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Re: Tiny-2 Eprom!!!!!

Last time I heard, upgrades weren't, and as shown
below, it is copyrighted...

On Thursday 25 October 2001 06:22 am, ik8ozv@tim.it wrote:
> Hi to the list,
> a couple of weeks ago i left a message on bthe ML asking for
> the new release of the eprom for a TINY2. the one i own at
> power on says:
> PacComm TINY-2 MARK-2 Packet Controller
> (c)  Copyright 1985 - 1994 PacComm
> Technical Support - (813) 875-6417
> Ax.25 Level 2  Version 2.0
> Features:
>      KISS
>      Expanded NMEA 183 (GPS) SUPPORT
> Release   December 21, 1994
> I asked if there was any new release available.
> A lot of peoplese has answered me to have a look on the
> Paccom site but i could'nt find the bin file to burn the eprom,but
> i remeber there was a guy which says that he can send the bin
> file so i can burn the eprom by myself.Unfortunatly i lost his
> email and with it even his call.Now i ask again is there any1
> who has the bin file which can he send it to me?
> Sure in your help,i send my best regards.
> 73's de Enzo IK8OZV
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