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Re: AO-40 Uplink power requirements

Bruce Nolte wrote:

I am curious what you guys are using for uplink power for AO-40. I have 100
watts on 70 cm and a KLM 44 element cross yagi. I'm pretty sure it will have
more than enough muscle, but I am considering either going barefoot with the
736 and / or shortening the Yagi for preliminary tests to reduce the strain
on my wobbly mast and boom, which are only temporary, and to reduce
complexity of my test setups.

Wayne replies:

If you have reasonable cable loss, you could remove half or more of the 70cm
yagi to make it a more manageable load on your wobbly mast and crossboom.
My uplink is 50W through 50 feet of flexible 9913 to a 30 element RHCP yagi
(10 foot boom).  I ALWAYS have to reduce the power to keep from getting the
attention of LEILA.

Wayne Estes W9AE
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