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EMT pipe

WHile designing a portable satellite antenna I discovered to my surprise
that 1/2"  copper pipe fits easily inside 1/2" EMT conduit making a nice
"bearing"  fit.  I designed my whole system around that fact and then went
out to buy new material to build it up..

Duh.  It doesnt fit!  I figured there must be a "thin wall" and a
"thick" wall variant, but the local electrical shop says no.  There is
only one size.  Is this true?  The piece of 1/2" EMT that I was playing
with in my  shop must not be the "real thing", because it is a
beautiful sliding fit.  But what I buy at Home depot wont...

The copper pipe was 1/2" type M and regardless of its wall thickness, its
OD has to be the same...  so it must be a variation in the EMT?


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