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Re: AO-40 Uplink power requirements

>  I am curious what you guys are using for uplink power for AO-40. I have
>100 watts on 70 cm and a KLM 44 element cross yagi. I'm pretty sure it
>will have more than enough muscle, but I am considering either going
>barefoot with the 736 and / or shortening the Yagi for preliminary tests
>to reduce the strain on my wobbly mast and boom, which are only
>temporary, and to reduce complexity of my test setups.
Try a quadrifilar...it is 8" high and 5" in diameter, will accept a hundred 
and it weighs about a pound...The beamwidth is about 140° so only two settings
necessary for an entire pass.  I fix the EL at 35°.  $10 to build, the 
is the most expensive part...  At fair to good pointing angles it works 
just fine.
I haven't used anything else for a couple of weeks.  We just finished the "ARRL
Roundup" out in a park, and made many contacts using it at fairly poor pointing
angles on 20 October from 1515 to 1630 PDT, using a typical FD setup...

I took my 40CX down, and probably won't put it back up...

The file is quadfil1.zip at:


            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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