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Re: Re: Extra gain stage in DEM preamp?


w1pa@hotmail.com> writes:

> http://ozoni.com/n4ip/DSCN0492.JPG
> Pieter N4IP did that (an ERA2, I believe). Don't 
> remember if he was happy with the results.

Yes, that is Pieter's preamp mod.  I talked to him at Atlanta 2 weeks ago about installing a different device in the long strip between the FET and the output coupling capacitor, and he advised me that strip was used to match the output impedance.  So... where he has the MMIC mounted after the cap appear the best place, even if a little "tight" (in case others are tempted to go the easy route).

My testing here indicates the Drake can use a little more front end gain than the DEM 13ULNA provides.
Jerry, K5OE
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